visitor reviews

visitor reviews

The exhibition clearly solved all set still in the concept of the task. It is attracting a wider range of viewers, the right choice of place, increasing interest in artistic creativity, successful choice of the team of organizers.

Responses of visitors

"We came to the exhibition to see the work of one of the winners - our relative Garipova Kadria. We walk simply in shock from the atmospheric nature of the place, the strong energy of the Zapir spirit, which impregnated the exhibition. Decided to visit exhibitions of this kind more often. We are very proud of Kadria and that she is engaged in art. Native sestrenochka, Kadriya! You well done! Ildar and Gulfiya"

"Came to a beautiful place Art Square. We went in a little bit to warm up and enjoyed the beautiful works. My name is Alina, I used to draw myself, so these works inspired and encouraged me very much. We thank!!! Alina".

"I always liked the work of young artists. The atmosphere of the exhibition as a place of concentration of so many wonderful works gives special pleasure. Nowhere has it felt so cozy. Wonderful works, huge spread of human impressions, stories, emotions. I will leave here inspired by new creative manifestations. Hasanov Wadim 's works are a beautiful sensual metaphor. "

"Remarkable exhibition! Very pleasant place in loft style - just fine! Thanks".

'It 's not space that makes people, but people that make space... Ilya Tyurin. Event - manager Art Square "

"January evening was visited by Art Square, the place is bright, stylish. Great art gallery idea. Fine works. Cozy place in the city centre. " Galina, Marina.

This confirms once again the "place factor." The art gallery "Gostiny Yard," which worked before its reconstruction, was ahead of the number of visitors, especially young people, all other halls. For some it was the first familiarity with the world of art, for others attending new exhibitions became a habit. Statistics of held exhibitions and events, analysis of activities, history and prospects of development even became the topic of diploma work of the graduate of UGAES.


These are reviews of the venue of the exhibition itself. Further, reviews of the work of our young authors. Both as a teacher and as an art historian I can make a number of comments on the subject, composition, execution technique, which occurred during the selection of works, preparation of the exposition and communication after the completion of the official opening ceremony. But it 's a picky critic. I like Hafizov Marcel 's work. Who remembers the wave of 60-year-old artists may notice a parallel with the appeal to the image of youth with elongated fragile figures.

Kim Habibullin touched upon the topic that exists in society, but remains without due attention. I noted for myself a number of promising authors.

Therefore, feedback from visitors to assess the success of the project can be put at the heart.

"Very much liked the paintings with the image of life in the village. Organize such beautiful exhibitions more often, cover on TV. I wish further success to artists. I.R. Erkeev"

First of all, we express our gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition, in particular Victoria Samarina, who conducted a tour for us. The works of young artists conquered beauty and depth. Thank you very much and success! Students are cultural scientists of BashSU. "

"They received great pleasure from the atmosphere transmitted by young artists. Bashkortostan has been transmitted not just by paintings, but by motives that respond in each. I am glad that aesthetics of the native edge are transferred to wide masses. From the project "Just GROWTH."

The authors of the reviews noted the works of Habibullin Kim, Akhmetov Denis, Hasanov Wadim, Zalifa Gibatov, Olesi Glazeva, Liana Mkrtchan, paintings "Memory," My family, "other authors and works. The opinion of the jury did not coincide with the opinion of the audience in everything, it is quite natural. Everyone chooses...

"My name is Gromova Vasily Sergey. Employee Bashneft. I loved the exhibition of paintings by young artists. Honestly, it 's just amazing! I felt so much emotion... generally positive. And so many bright colors and impressions I felt today... Thank you guys for being there. " V.S. Gromoboy.