Mkrtchyan Liana Mkhitarova (Ufa)

Mkrtchyan Liana Mkhitarova (Ufa)
1st place

Still life in ethnic style

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Mkrtchyan Liana Mkhitarova (Ufa)




2008 - Ufa School of Arts, design.

2014 - Ufa State Academy of Arts named after Z. Ismagilov, machine painting.

Membership in unions and associations:

Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation since 2015.

Creative work:

2016 - State Fellowship of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Since 2003 - participation in regional, republican, All-Russian, international, and group (including youth) exhibitions and art projects, as well as charitable actions.

Republican exhibition "Modern fine art of the Republic of Bashkortostan" within the framework of the cultural program of SCO summits, BRICS, 2015, Ufa.

ART UFA Art Forum, (Ufa, 2015)

ART UFA Art Forum, 2015 - 2017, (Ufa, 2017)

International exhibition "Along the Silk Road," (Turin, Italy, 2017) and others.

Republican exhibition - contest "Young Artists of Bashkortostan" for the best work of fine art, (Ufa, 2012) - diploma of the winner of the III degree

International competition - festival "Palette of talents," (Ufa, 2014) - diploma of the winner of the I degree

International competition - festival Ural Rainbow of Stars,

(Ufa, 2014) - Degree I Diploma

In the creative asset - 16 personal exhibitions.

"For me painting began in five years, back in Armenia. On a small flat stone, I painted the first landscape as a gift to my mother - wood, house, mountains. I thank Mom for seeing my love for art! With my paintings, I want to show the viewer that our world is full of bright colors.

In plans a large series of works, participation in serious international projects, organization and holding of master classes for children with OVZ, - Liana tells.

The exhibition presents a picture

"Zapir Honey," 2018, canvas, oil, 130х130.

Work drunk with love for the small Motherland, sunny, welcoming and fertile Bashkortostan.