Hibatov Zalifa Hadisovna

Hibatov Zalifa Hadisovna
1st place


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Hibatov Zalifa Hadisovna (Ufa)



Republican Art Gymnasium-Boarding School named after K. Davletkildeev.

Ufa Academy of Arts.

Membership in unions and associations:

Member of the Association of Young Artists and Art Historians at RO VTOO "Union of Artists of Russia"

Creative work:

Youth Educational Festival and specialized exhibition "Education. Science. Career, "(VDNH - EXPO, Ufa, 2016)

The IV Republican Exhibition is a competition for the best work of fine art among young artists of the republic, (Ufa 2015).

All-Russian exhibition project "Youth Exhibition - Contest" for the 170 anniversary of I.E. Repin, (Samara, 2014)

Republican exhibition "Spirituality. Traditions. Skill", (Ufa, 2014)

National exhibition "Self-portrait" (Sangat, Ufa, 2011)

All-Russian exhibition "Youth of Russia" (TsDH, Moscow, 2016).

All-Russian exhibition "Liki of Russia" (Arkhangelsk, 2017)

International exhibition "Along the Great Silk Road" (Moscow - St. Petersburg 2016-2017)

Participation in the 20th international exhibition of TURKSOY organization (2017, Kazakhstan.)

Participation in the International Artists Biennale "ARS INCOGNITO" (Italy, 2017)

"Birth of the Republic" (Ufa, 2018)

International exhibition "nomadic scrolls. Habar-Yamal" (Noyabrsk, 2018)

E.Saitov Graphic Exhibition (Ufa, 2018)

Republican Exhibition-Contest "Young Artists of Bashkortostan" (Ufa, 2018)

Regional exhibition "Big Volga" (Nizhny Novgorod, 2018)

Winner of the Prize for Support of Talented Youth of the President of the Russian Federation.

Winner of the Review - competition of young talents of Russia "New Names,"

Winner of the Kirill Degtyaryov Memorial Award "Gifted Children,"

Entered in the encyclopedia "GIFTED CHILDREN - THE FUTURE OF RUSSIA"

Medal "Exceptional child"

She completed an internship at the UNESCO International Courses in Art Education.

Series of children 's portraits: "Hadis," 40x50, "Sisters," 55x90, "Istamgul," 40x85, 2018, paper, pastel.

I draw as long as I remember myself. The realization that I will become an artist in the future, too, came early. The academic education received, created a good base that I use in my work. So realism is the main thing for me. The beautiful nature of Bashkortostan, suggests stories for work, as well as people around me, "- Zalifa Hibatov.

"Grandmother Badiga," 2018, canvas, oil, 70x90

"Morning," 2015, canvas, oil, 70х90

"Dowry," 2018, canvas, oil, 70x160

"Road. Senokos, "2015, oil, canvas, 70х90