Andreeva Maria Gregory

Andreeva Maria Gregory
2nd place

Still life in ethnic style

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Andreeva Maria Gregory (Davlekanovo)


Ufa School of Arts, Ufa State Institute of Arts. Graphics, painting.

Member of the association "Young Artists and Art Historians under RO VTOO" Union of Artists of Russia "

- "Republican Exhibition of Young Artists" (Ufa, 2015)

- Exhibition of students of the Academy of Arts within the framework of the International Art Theatre and Music Project "Bashkortostan-Golland. Imagination. Meeting with Van Gogh "(Russian Drama Theatre, Ufa, 2015)

- All-Russian drawing contest "I draw Russia," dedicated to the day of Russia, (3 place) (Ufa, 2015)

- Creative project dedicated to the Year of Cinema in Russia (together with the Union of Cinematographers of Bashkortostan and the film studio "Bashkortostan" (Ufa, 2016)

- Exhibition - contest "World through the eyes of young people" Internet - Gallery, (diploma of participant) 2016.

- International Virtual Exhibition - Contemporary Art Competition. (Shadrin State Pedagogical University 2017)

(Diploma of 1 degree)

- International project "Happy Plate" 2017 (diploma of participant)

- Winner of the Award of the Council of the City District of Ufa of the Republic of Bashkortostan named after S.T. Aksakov in the nomination "For the best work of an applied nature" (Ufa, 2017)

- Republican exhibition - contest "Young artists of Bashkortostan." (Ufa, 2018) - Diploma of III degree in the nomination "Graphics"

- International Festival of Arts Netherlands - Bashkortostan. Art Unites People Foundation. (Ministry of Culture of Bashkortostan, (Ufa, 2018) - diploma of the winner of II degree in the nomination "graphics")

- Republican competition - exhibition of graphics named after E.M. Saitov among young artists and students of specialized faculties of art educational institutions of the Republic of Bashkortostan. (Ufa, 2018) - Member Certificate

- International competition of drawing, photography, music, song "Happy planet" (2019) - diploma of the winner in the nomination "drawing"

The exhibition is represented by a number of graphic works differing in the breadth of the theme and beginning to be recognized by the author 's style.

"Portrait of Grandmother" 50x70, coal, pastel, 2019

"Plant in Chishmah" 55х75, coal, pastel, 2018

"Village" Komsomol "55х75 coal, pastel, 2018

"Morozets" 15x20 ofort, 2018

"Ufa Yard" lithography, 2014

"In Cinema" 50x70 ofort, 2018