Akhmetov Danis Zaminovich

Akhmetov Danis Zaminovich
2nd place

Conversation piece. Favorite house, courtyard, street, city

Artist works


Akhmetov Danis Zaminovich (Ufa)


Painting, graphics


In 2014 he graduated from the UUI of the city of Ufa, specialty - machine painting.

Since 2014 the student of UGII named after Z. Ismagilov department Painting.

Membership in unions and associations:

Member of the Association of Young Artists and Art Historians at RO VTOO "Union of Artists of Russia RB.

Creative work:

Republican Exhibition - Contest "Young Artists of Bashkortostan - (Ufa, 2011, 2015, 2018) - Diploma of II degree in the nomination" Painting ")

Participant of the All-Russian exhibition Youth of Russia (Moscow, 2016)

2018 Green Noise Joint Exhibition in Ufa.

Regional exhibition "Big Volga 12" (Nizhny Novgorod, 2018)

Participant of republican plenary exhibitions (Ufa, 2017 - 2018)

Participant of the exhibition - competition dedicated to graphics Saitov E.M. (Ufa, 2018) - diploma of II degree in the nomination "Unique graphics")

"Favorite City Park," (Ijad Exhibition Hall, 2018)

Participant of the exhibition of creative association "Tsokol" (Ufa, 2019)

 The exposition included a number of works of the young artist dedicated to his native Bashkortostan, people inhabiting it.

"Water stock," 2018, canvas, oil, 80х100

 He began to study drawing in the DSHI village of Ascino. As the author himself says: "On canvas I try to reproduce some moments from my life that impressed me with something. From the intent of the composition to the completion of the work, impressions change, I am interested in this process itself, the moment of creativity. The themes in the works are ordinary from the lives of perhaps many people, so I think everyone will take what is depicted on canvas. "