Azaliyeva Elena Valerievna

Azaliyeva Elena Valerievna
3rd place

Conversation piece. Favorite house, courtyard, street, city

Artist works


Azaliyeva Elena Valerievna (Ufa)



S. Nizametdinov College of Arts and Culture

MBPU named after M. Akmullah, Art and Graphics Faculty

Creative work:

Exhibition of works dedicated to the 45 anniversary of the founding of the Art and Graphic Faculty of the Moscow Akmullah State Pedagogical University (White Exhibition Hall, BGPU, Ufa).

International Festival of Creative Youth "Shabyt" (Astana, 2017).

The republican exhibition is a contest of artistic works "Birth of the Republic," dedicated to the 100 anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa, 2018).

Republican Exhibition - Contest "Young Artists of Bashkortostan" (Ufa, 2018)

Genre in Development - 2019 (Museum of Current Realism, Tolyatti, 2019)

Art exhibition within the framework of the "Psychologist 's Day" celebration (BGPU, Ufa, 2017)

Republican Stage Costume Festival "Selter - 2014" (Ufa, 2014)

National Festival of flap sewing "Korama - tui" (Ufa, 2014)

Competition of artistic works of students "Dedication" within the framework of international days of M. Akmullah (Ufa, 2017) - Diploma of II degree

Republican poster competition "Way to Good" (Ufa, 2017) - Diploma of I degree

All-Russian competition for the best product of artistic creativity, folk crafts and IDO "All colors of life for you - 2018" - Diploma of the I degree

International contest "Edge of favorite heart dreams" Grand Prix (2018)

International Art Student Exhibition "ASIA: COMMONWEALTH OF CULTURES" - Diploma III degree (2018)

All-Russian Festival of Artistic Creativity of Students "АРХИПЕРСПЕКТИВА-2019" - (Ufa, 2019), Diploma of the I degree

International Festival of Inclusive Practices "OVERCOMING BORDERS - 2019" Diploma of the I degree in nomination - photo

Competition of artistic works "Mustai Karim in the work of students of HGF" (Ufa, 2019) - Diplom II degree,

Series of paintings "Summer," 2019, linogravure, 80x90. Ufa

In the works submitted to the competition, an appeal to the traditional household of the indigenous population of the Republic and to the activities preserved in remote areas - cattle breeding, especially horse breeding. Summer is the time when herds are driven out to free pastures. In the work of the young artist there are many objects characteristic of nomadic life: dishes, clothes, shoes and almost everything necessary for everyday life. The recognizable landscapes of the southern Ural are depicted.