Bayanov Samat Azatovich

Bayanov Samat Azatovich
1st place

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Bayanov Samat Azatovich (Ufa)


Painter, graphic, teacher.


2002 - 2006 Durtüli Children 's Art School.

2006 - 2011 graduated from the Ufa School of Arts (college).

MBPU named after M. Akmullah

Creative work:

Now I work in the field of teaching, I am engaged in design, creative activity (painting, graphics), artist - illustrator, decorative plaster, painting, bas-relief.

This is the first participation in the exhibition - competition. Presented to expositions

Triptych Windows of my city: "Morning," Day, "Night," 2019, canvas, oil, 60х80

Is a diploma project, after completion of the Moscow Akmullah BGPU. The task of billing creates a feeling of the real surface of architectural structures, emphasize the character of the shape. In combination with the given color to express the feeling and mood of the author. The plot was based on the windows of the city of Ufa.

The window is a symbol endowed with a certain emotional power. Light, colored or patterned, dark, with open flaps or closed. Windows, as an architectural element on the picturesque paintings of artists, serve not only as a background or accent in the compositional solution of the canvas, but also act as a metaphor for hope, change, step into the unknown or future, the facets of transition between the two worlds.

Windows of residential buildings complete the composition of the structure. They tell the viewer a story about the life of the city, share the secrets of its residents. Every window in the life of a big city is its own separate story, so each - individually and gives expressiveness and difference. In the paintings there is a feeling of silence, isolation of man from the world.

In the works there is an interest in small things, which quickly disappear together with the old city. Small things giving special beauty, still storing the history of our Ufa, "- says the artist about his work