Kanchurina Gulfia Gaifullovna

Kanchurina Gulfia Gaifullovna
2nd place

Poetry of the Little Homeland

Artist works


Kanchurina Gulfia Gaifullovna (Ufa)



Ufa School of Arts, department of sculpture at teacher H.H. Galiullin.

Ufsk State Institute of Arts named after Z.Ismagilov, Faculty of Painting in R.M.Abdullin.

Creative work:

E.M. Saitov Republican Graphics Competition among Young Artists and Students, (Ufa, 2017)

International Festival of Arts Netherlands - Bashkortostan, winner of 1 degree (2018)

Winner of the open art competition "Heroes of my Homeland" (Ufa, 2017).

Participant of city, republican, All-Russian, international exhibitions.

"Seventieth Spring," 2018, canvas, oil, 90x100.

"I loved painting from childhood, but I seriously took up painting, only entering the institute. My dream: to graduate from the Academy of Arts, to hold his solo exhibition, to join the union of artists.

Picturesque works are connected with a close and expensive world for me. I like to write people, animals, birds. I have many plans for the future related to creativity. "

As the art historian L.I. Kudoyarov complements: "The works of Kanchurina Gulfia received for the competition stand out among others. This is already a recognizable style of the young author.

Bribes a very kind, slightly ironic attitude towards "heroes." Each work is revitalized by the characters that inhabit it. There are people, various animals, and birds. Some of them become passing: like a white goat or children. Dominated by the motif of spring streams, renewal of nature, pure and ringing of celestial lazuri. The work of Seventieth Spring is dominated by an optimistic mood. Light cloud, a number of white houses, a fat white cat on the fence, geese, enjoying puddles.

Spring, as a symbol of renewal of life. Children launching paper boats and light filling all the creativity of a young artist. It is worth watching Gulfia 's works, smiling, charging with optimism and learning to look at life through the eyes of the artist. "