Kildiyarov Alfir Asgatovich

Kildiyarov Alfir Asgatovich
3rd place

Landscape of the native land

Artist works


Kildiyarov Alfir Asgatovich (Ufa)



Art School of Askarovo Village

2015 - Moscow Akmullah BGPU, Art and Graphics Faculty.

Creative work:

Diploma-holder of "Chernikovsky Kotovasia" (Ufa), the work entered the top 100 best.

"Abzelil," 2015, tinted paper, acrylic, 50x70.

"I was born in the Abzelilov district, the village of Askarovo, finished 11 classes and entered the Bashkortostan State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmullah, which graduated in 2015.

He started painting since he was a kid. From 6 to 11 years he studied at the art school in the village of Askarovo, received a diploma.

Permanent participant of school and district Olympiads.

About creative plans for the future? Did not think yet.

A series of landscapes "Abzelil" is presented for the competition.

The works contain images of the rural landscape, the motives of which are found in the Abzelil district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The village of Askarovo, settled between the mountains "Almas Tau and" Koroyatmas, "lives quietly under the protection of the great mountains. So I wanted to express the beauty of our region, and the greatness of the Republic of Bashkortostan. "