Mirhaidarov Gulnaz Ildusova

Mirhaidarov Gulnaz Ildusova
3rd place

Poetry of the Little Homeland

Artist works


Mirhaidarov Gulnaz Ildusova (Ufa)



Republican Art Boarding School named after K.S. Davletkildeeva.

Ufa State Institute of Arts named after Zapir Ismagilov.

The reflections of Gulnaz: "Art I began to be interested in from a young age, it manted me to myself, I internally felt that it was my calling. So I chose a direction in fine art that smoothly entered my life. I drew on everything, even on homework in my brother 's notebooks!

My parents noticed and supported my interest, for which they are very grateful! I entered the Republican Art Gymnasium - a boarding school named after K.S. Davletkildeeva, where I studied until the 11 grade. And this year graduated from the Ufa State Institute of Arts named after Zapir Ismagilov.

Now I want to share, until small, experience. The world is cyclical, like art, something modern, interesting, old is forgotten. So people are constantly coming up with something new to attract attention. Maybe I am, too, or the viewer himself, who studies my Artist statement as interesting a person...

In my work I try to touch upon such thoughts, which will remain relevant, unless, of course, the thinking of mankind changes dramatically and dramatically. Exactly what will always be remembered, what is connected to us! "