Shustikova Galina Igorevna

Shustikova Galina Igorevna
3rd place


Artist works


Shustikova Galina Igorevna (Ufa)



Children's art school.

Ufa School of Arts

Ufa State Institute of Arts named after Zapir Ismagilov, student in class A.M. Mazitov. and V.H. Sharafutdinova

Creative work:

Exhibition dedicated to the Year of Cinema (Central Exhibition Hall of TLC RB, Ufa, 2016)

Competition for the S.T. Aksakov Prize (Ufa City Council 2019)

Exhibition "Two" (Russian Drama Theatre, Ufa, 2018)

Project "Holland - Bashkortostan" (Russian Drama Theatre, Ufa,

Exhibition "Landscapes of Bashkortostan," (Branch of the State Museum named after.

M.V. Nesterova, Memorial House - Tulkin Museum, Ufa)

Van Gogh Yellow Sun Exhibition (Ufa, 2015)

Diploma of the winner of the II degree, letters of gratitude, certificates.

"Metel," 2017, canvas, oil, 80х100

"I 've loved drawing since I was a kid. My parents could leave me alone for half a day, because they knew that until I drew, I would not leave the room. The main thing, you don 't need to distract. Already then the pull to draw at me was very strong. Today is the art of my whole world. A world without which I can 't imagine my life. Only when I am in the process of creating work, I feel that I live for real and in the soul there is happiness from creation.

I write a lot of oil, especially portraits. In addition, I am interested in makeup and artistic tattoo. In creative plans - continuation of creative activity, participation in exhibitions, joining the union of artists. In the future - opening of the school of arts and tattoo salon, - Galina shared her plans.