Timothy Vera Valerievna

Timothy Vera Valerievna
2nd place


Artist works


Timothy Vera Valerievna (Ufa)


Moscow Akmullah State Pedagogical University

 Creative activity:

Exhibition of diploma works in the memorial house - A. E. Tulkin Museum (Ufa, 2019).

Participation in charitable action on painting walls in GBU Children 's House № 9 in Ufa.

 At the exhibition there is a triptych from the series

"Teachers," 2019, engraving on cardboard, 70х90

 "Creating this triptych came up somehow by itself. After all, during the whole educational period our teachers-mentors, masters of their business, carefully transferred to us their knowledge. Sincerely grateful to teachers on painting and schedule. I learned a lot, there is still a lot to be done... "- explained Vera.