Habibullin Kim Sergey

Habibullin Kim Sergey
3rd place


Artist works


Habibullin Kim Sergey (Ufa)



Ufsk Institute of Arts named after Z. Ismagilov, 2-year student, department


 "Kanwa of Life," 2018, dwp, oil, 70х65

"A portrait in black"

"Life price"

 Larisa Kudoyarov: "Kim can be noted as one of the more interesting working authors. He works in genre composition and portrait. From the works sent to the contest is distinguished by an appeal to the social theme. I came to the work of artists - movers. It 's an interest in the "non-parade" side of the big city 's life. In the work "The Price of Life," everything pushes for a deep reflection on social problems. "Sleeping" area with natural market, rare passers-by and buyers. An item laid out on the parapet of the Skverik. In the foreground, a burned old lady and a homeless dog. Work is very ambiguous. If you look closely at the face of an elderly woman, you know that still, life is not quite over... Surprisingly bright as a ray of hope among the grey faceless habitual commonality.

In the tradition of academic school "Portrait in Black" is written. The dark background makes you pay attention to your face and hands in the first place. The author tries to achieve not only portrait similarity, but also to show the character of the model. A more general solution to the topic of reflection on life and its place in it is seen in the work "Kanva of Life." A woman with five, immediately reminds the viewer of a stable phraseologism: "Red thread through life..."

At the same time, this is the moment the embroiderer thought... And what, it is proposed to guess the viewer. Everyone has their own, very personal.

Therefore, one can only wish the young author continued creative activity and active participation in exhibition projects. "