Hafizov Marcel Migranovich

Hafizov Marcel Migranovich
3rd place

Conversation piece. Favorite house, courtyard, street, citya

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Hafizov Marcel Migranovich (Ufa)



Ufa School of Arts (college)

Ufa State Institute of Arts named after Z. Ismagilov, Department of Painting, student of 3 year.

Creative work:

Competition for the 90th anniversary of the Ufa School of Arts (Ufa, 2012)

Republican Youth Exhibition, (Ufa, 2012)

Golden Talent Sprouts (Asha, 2015)

Exhibition "Creativity of the Soul" together with artist V. Smyrnov (ICC city of Asha, city of Minyar, 2015)

Exhibition of young artists - students of Ismagilov UGII within the framework of the international festival "Art unites. Bashkortostan - Netherlands "(Ufa, 2017) - diploma of 3 degrees.

Exhibition - contest "Young Artists of Bashkortostan" (Ufa, 2018)


"Before the Storm," 2013, canvas, oil, 140x110.

Marcel Hafizov: "I was born in 1990 in Serdobsk, Penza region. From the family of workers (father - electrician, mother - technical worker at school). Since 1998 I have lived in Asha, Chelyabinsk region. He started painting at about the age of 10. At school noticed my abilities and advised to go to the children 's art school of Asha where I studied until 2009. He graduated from 11 grades of school with initial professional training with a specialty "Dravetnik of 3 grades." He was engaged in geography, participated in district and regional Olympiads, conferences of NOU. In 2008 he was included in the list of encyclopedia "Gifted Children - the Future of Russia."

At the heart of the work "Memories" is a collective image. My great-grandfather fought, passed 3 wars - World War I, civil and Great Patriotic. But I never saw him as he died in the 70. Even no pictures of him left. He didn 't like to be photographed, he was a very believer Muslim. And in the painting I wanted to portray a veteran, a man with a strong spirit, his memories, feelings, pain. After all, they won the worst war in human history.

In winter I wrote on the real existing landscape of the native city of Asha. And the details added by memory: houses, path, ripple, traces on snow, fence. I wanted to portray the usual Ural village sunset, a quiet life. Through my creativity I would like to show people that they usually do not notice - the beauty of nature, the harmony of the world, the soul of man. Make people think about themselves and the world around them, love, feelings, the past and the future.

I grew up in a small town and I love being in nature the most. And I prefer life away from big cities, noise and fuss.

In the near future I plan to make the first solo exhibition of my works in Ufa. "