Halturina Alyona Alekseyevna (Ufa)

Halturina Alyona Alekseyevna (Ufa)
2nd place

Artistic inspiration

Artist works


Halturina Alyona Alekseyevna (Ufa)


Ufsk Art and Industrial College with a specialty "Performer of Art and Design Works."

Moscow Akmullah State Pedagogical University, Art and Graphics Faculty. "Fine Arts and Technology."

Creative work:

Open All-Russian Festival of Artistic Creativity of Students "Archipelago - 2019"

"Mustai Karim in the works of students of art - graphic faculty and students of art studios."

Republican exhibition - contest "Birth of the Republic."

Republican exhibition-contest "Young Artists of Bashkortostan."

Art painting in the Republican Resource Center "Family" and Children 's House No. 9 of Ufa.

Work presented at the exhibition

"Break," printed graphics, 2019, 50х60, which was led by Masalimov Talgat Hasanovich.

 Alena Halturina: "Classes of creativity bring true pleasure. I 'm glad I chose this specialty. The diploma work was a series of copyright dolls. She was engaged in painting and design of walls. Today I continue my master 's degree at the same faculty. From plastic arts I give preference to oil painting, printing graphics and other types of decorative and applied art. The source of creative inspiration is the hobbies of close people, which determines the subject matter of most of my works. The plot of the graphic sheet "Break" was watched in the native village when they went to feed bread to their horses. All the taboon gathered around, and the boldest felt pockets. Our boy wasn 't going to share. Now that I live in the city, I often remember with warmth summer days in nature, walks in fields. And away the taboons of pasting horses. This is how the little Motherland appears to me. "