Hamzina Dinah Ramilevna (Ufa)

Hamzina Dinah Ramilevna (Ufa)
2nd place

Conversation piece. Favorite house, courtyard, street, city

Artist works


Hamzina Dinah Ramilevna (Ufa)



Ufa State Institute of Arts named after Z. Ismagilov. Zhivopis department, the 5th course

Creative work:

International Arts Festival Netherlands - Bashkortostan. Art Unites People Foundation. (Ministry of Culture of Bashkortostan, Ufa, 2018), diploma of the winner of II degree

"Mountain in Taishevo," 2017, canvas, oil, 80x110.

"Picnic", 2019, canvas, oil. 60х80.

"View of the River Ik," 2017, canvas, m aslo, 80x105.

 Dinah Hamzina: "In summer, when we wrote sketches on the plenary, I looked at the steep slope of the mountain on the outskirts of the village, which grew thick grass. There was a little girl sitting on the heart of the fence, a local resident. The plot is simple, but about it the smell of summer and beauty of our small Motherland, Bashkortostan. "