Hasanov Vadim Shavkatovich

Hasanov Vadim Shavkatovich
3rd place

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Hasanov Vadim Shavkatovich (Ufa)



Orenburg State University, Architectural - Construction Faculty.

Since 2016 - student of the UGII named after Z. Ismagilov, department - sculpture.

Membership in unions and associations:

Member of the Association of Young Artists and Art Historians at RO VTAO "Union of Artists of Russia" RB.

Creative work:

The Republican Exhibition is a contest "Young Artists of Bashkortostan." (Ufa, 2018) Diploma of I degree (in the nomination "Sculpture")

Group exhibitions (Bashkortostan State Philharmonic, Memorial House - Museum of S. T. Aksakov, Ufa)

Participant of the series of exhibitions of the creative association "Tsokol" (Ufa, 2019)

"Forgiveness," Wines, "series of oforts, 2019, 40x50.

In the presented series of oforts I wanted to tell about personal experience of relations between a man and a woman, about difficulties of understanding of genders, about mental gravity of mistakes and guilt and no less difficulty in the ability to forgive. Offorts are made in the genre of portrait, in which I wanted to show the beauty of the female half of the Zapir ethnic group, "- explains Vadim.

"N." shamot, 2019