Islamgulova Aliya Yurisovna

Islamgulova Aliya Yurisovna
1st place

Poetry of the Little Homeland

Artist works


Islamgulova Aliya Yurisovna (Ufa)



Creative activity:

Republican Exhibition - Contest "Young Artists of Bashkortostan"

The Republican Exhibition is a competition of artistic works "Birth of the Republic."

In the exposition is represented by a series of works

"Yeleu" (2 sheets), 2019, linogravure, 80x90 cm.

 In the diptih included in the exposition, it is possible to pay attention to the interesting composition of which can be interpreted as a form of yurt, human micromir, and celestial vault. It is a flight - grazing on summer pasture: cows, horses and other livestock capable of long-distance crossings.

In this work the impression of harmony between man and nature becomes the main one. Plastic figures echoing the general composition and everyday life, becoming almost ritual action. And even the ornate motif that dominates graphic sheets takes on the significance of the symbol that came from the depths of history.