Yudina Lilia Mukhammatova

Yudina Lilia Mukhammatova
3rd place

Artistic inspiration

Artist works


Yudina Lilia Mukhammatova (Salavat)



Salavat Art School

Ufa school of arts

Moscow Akmullah State Pedagogical University, Art and Graphics Faculty.

Membership in unions and associations:

Member of the creative association of artists "South of Bashkortostan"

Member of the International Public Organization Creative Union "Infinity Brush."

 Creative work:

Mobile exhibition of graphic works "Alenky Flower" dedicated to XXVI Inter-Russian Aksakov Holiday (Belebei, Kirgiz - Miyaki, Salavat, Ishimbai, village of Resurrection Meleuzovsky District, Kuertau, House of 2016 - 2017 of S.T. Aksakov, Ballet, Opera and Ballet

Exhibition of plenary works of the project "Silver Spring," Exhibition Hall "Ijad," branch of the Bashkortostan State Art Museum named after M.V. Nesterov, (Ufa, 2016)

City Art - Captive "Ishimbai in Paints," (Ishimbai, 2017)

Art - captive to the 70 anniversary of the Ishimbay Church, (Ishimbai, 2017)

Municipal competition of art creativity "Faces of Belebey" (Belebey, 2017). Degree I diploma (painting).

Open Municipal Exhibition of Naive Art "Provincial Naiv" (Belebey, 2017)

Exhibition "Russian Soul" (art gallery of the village of Waxesenskoe, Meleuzovsky district, (Resurrection, 2017)

Anniversary exhibition of the Association of Artists of the South of Bashkortostan dedicated to the 20 anniversary of the organization (Art Gallery, Salavat, 2018)

Personal exhibition "Temples and monasteries of Bashkortostan (Resurrection, art gallery of the branch of BGHM named after M. V Nesterov, 2018)

Exhibition - "Liki Salavata" competition (2018)

International plenary - exhibition project "Russian Atlantis" (city. Old Man, Tver Region, 2018)

Personal exhibition "Temples and monasteries of Bashkortostan" (art gallery, Salavat, 2018)

21 exhibition of the Association of Artists of the South of Bashkortostan (Sterlitamak. 2018) - 21 exhibition of the Association of Artists of the South of Bashkortostan (Salavat, 2019)

Vernisage "Times of the Year," (GalerieSalonHalitArt, Kreuzbergstr. Berlin. Germany),

Exhibition within the framework of the project "Two Capitals: Moscow and Petersburg - Open Air Museums," (St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution of Culture "State Museum of History of St. Petersburg," (GalerieSalonHalitArt, Kreuzbergstr. Berlin, 2019)

International Plenary - Exhibition Project "Russian Atlantis" (Alexandrov, Vladimirovsk Region, 2019)

Work presented at the exhibition

Panoramic view of the Assumption Saint-Georgiev Monastery.

"Born in Omsk. I have been drawn to creativity since early childhood. I loved drawing, my mother didn 't have time to bring sheets of paper. Not without drawing on wallpaper. She started her artistic education after moving to Bashkortostan, to the city of Salavat. There she entered first a preparatory group and then a children 's art school. That 's how my life in art began. Then the Ufa School of Arts.

Now I finish my correspondence studies in the Moscow Akmullah BGPU at the Faculty of Art and Graphics in the specialty of DPI and Design. I am like a fish without water, if I do not hold a brush for a long time, so I lead an active creative life, combining teaching in a creative studio with study and exhibition activities.

The favorite material is oil. Subjects of works: landscapes of the native region and religious stories.

In July 2009 she was the head of the plenary from the Salavat Diocese of the I Open Republican Plenary of the Bashkortostan Metropolitan, which took place on the territory of the male Kolovsky Monastery (the village of Dedovo Fedorovsky District). I wanted to show a beautiful autumn and a monastery located far from the worldly fuss, "- Lilia shared.